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Our Terrible Two's in 2022

Finding Inspiration at Every Countertop We Run Into

In 2022 M&P turned TWO YEARS OLD!

M&P found she loves to run... fast... like, too fast. Like, faster than any two year old should be comfortable running. She's like a Walmart brand Usain Bolt who kind of understands the concept of running but doesn't know how to execute it.


She took corners like a blind bat out of hell, with no regard to common running practices. She exhibited very little patience for her toddler friends and we had to ground her a couple of times during the first half of the year.


With all that said, she was able to learn quickly and rekindle her toddler friendships and we're looking forward to her practicing her walking abilities. We won't start running again until she's much older to prevent any long term injuries.


She loves soft foods like avocados and potatoes. She drools a lot, which I guess is to be expected at two years old? The tantrums are fun for everyone. It keeps us on our toes.


All in all we're excited to make new friends, practice our running & walking and maybe start to eat solid foods! 


She's getting so big and we're just over the moon with joy at how she's been developing.  

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