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10 Tips for Improving Social Media Engagement

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Is your social media account just kind of sitting in pergatory collecting metaphorical dust? Would you love to know how to revitalize your social media presence? Do you wish you had better social media engagement from both your past supporters and newcomers? Bettering your social media engagement is actually much more attainable than you think.

At our digital marketing agency, we’re pros when it comes to upping your social media engagement. In order to have successful social media engagement, you just need to know a few tricks of the trade. Here are ten of the best marketing tips for social media engagement.

1. Post regularly to encourage social media engagement.

Not everyone is going to respond to a certain type of post. For example, some people enjoy video content, while others prefer blogs. By diversifying the content you post, you up your chances of catching someone’s eye and encouraging social media engagement. Depending on the size of your following, you may want to post two to three times a day. At the very least, you should aim for at least five posts a week. Without consistency, you’ll lose engagement.

2. Respond to users’ comments to show others your page is active.

When was the last time you enjoyed a one-sided conversation? Never, right? Your audience is more likely to engage with your content if they feel like they’re going to get a real response. By responding to people, you also show others that you’re down to interact with them as well. People congregate on interactive pages.

3. Ask questions and create polls.

People enjoy being asked their opinion. It makes them feel like they may have a voice in shaping the decisions of your company. Asking questions and creating polls is great for social media engagement, because it’s an easy way to invoke interaction. This kind of social media engagement also proves that you value your followers' voices.

4. Encourage sharing on your website.

One of the best marketing tips for social media is to encourage the sharing of your content from your website. You can do this by putting buttons at the end of your onsite blogs that make sharing on social media platforms a snap.

Make sure you’re also sharing links to your website blogs on social media. This connects the two pages and makes your content more accessible no matter if your audience is finding your company through your website or your social media account.

5. Invite people who’ve engaged with posts to like your page.

Who doesn’t like to get a personalized invite to the party? If someone has engaged with your posts a few times, encourage them to like your page, follow and/or subscribe. By asking them directly, they’ll understand that their social media engagement is a part of your continued success, and be likely to oblige to your simple request.

6. Post content that’s on-brand.

People need to learn what to expect from your page to create consistent social media engagement. If you’re a construction company, posting a funny video of a cat can alienate your users and make them confused. Make sure your content stays on-brand and serves your content pillars.

7. Be personable and have a clear voice.

If you’ve ever engaged with Netflix’s or Wendy’s social media accounts, you know that both have real personality when it comes to engaging with their fans. Doing the same can help build rapport with your target audience. Try to make interacting with your social media accounts a fun, memorable experience.

8. Create thumb-stopping content for increased social media engagement.

Images and videos are much more likely to get people looking at your content than a wall of text. Images and videos are closer to entertainment and can be consumed a lot easier than an essay. If you’re not a wiz at making images or videos, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to create thumb-stopping content for you.

9. Use emojis.

Another way to add more personality to your content is to use emojis. They make your brand more approachable and can more easily convey tone, so it doesn’t get misconstrued.

10. Go live!

Posting content that can only be engaged with live is a great way to get more eyes on your feed. Instagram Live and Facebook Live are both excellent ways to engage with your audience, and online platforms like StreamYard make it easier than ever to produce high-quality live streams for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. People want in on the action and going Live is a great way to encourage their social media engagement.


Juggling social media accounts can be a lot, especially if you’re hoping for greater social media engagement. To get you started and help you maintain your online presence, consider hiring a digital marketing agency, so that managing your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts doesn’t start to take up all of your business time.

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