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3 Facebook Predictions In 2022

Updated: May 10, 2022

Facebook’s algorithms are ever-changing so while there are countless blogs out there attempting to dissect the nuances of the platform, it’s likely we’ll all be blindsided by some of Facebook’s algorithmic decisions this year. Like any good digital creative agency, it’s our duty to predict as erroneous as they may be, a few of Facebook’s algorithms. Best of luck to us all!

E-Commerce Will Take A Front Seat

facebook e- commerce

Facebook will begin to roll out more features making it easier for users to shop directly within the platform and easily identify new products. Similar to Instagram, users can expect to see shoppable posts, improved product discovery features and a streamlined payment process. The company recently launched Facebook Pay which is an online checkout option making it easier than ever to shop directly within the platform and never leave the app.

Live stream shopping specifically has become VERY popular in China, and Facebook has expressed its interest in introducing features similar to this to the western market. Meta released this option on Instagram for the 2021 holiday season and many think this will become a focus of Facebook moving forward.

Users Will Lean Into “Experiences” Offered By The Platform

Facebook’s ability to create connections between users is something that makes the app unique, in 2022 many expect them to lean into features like Facebook Groups, Facebook Live and Live Audio Rooms.

Facebook Groups

Earlier in 2021 Facebook released many new features for admins and members that make it easier to form deeper connections on the app. This includes things like subgroups, shopping features and the ability to host community fundraisers.

Facebook Live

Many social networking platforms are putting a larger emphasis on live stream features because of their unique ability to form connections with users and keep them engaged for longer periods of time. As we mentioned above, Facebook has talked about the opportunity they see in live stream shopping so we see this coming into focus in 2022.

Facebook Audio

facebook audio

Throughout 2021 we saw audio platforms like Clubhouse become more popular, but now they are having issues ensuring that only their best and most engaging content is being shown to a user. Due to Facebook’s initial limited release of their audio features they have more control over audio content. They have also toyed with the idea of bringing podcasts to Facebook and giving users the ability to listen to full episodes both while the app is open and in the background.

The cherry on top of Facebook’s audio features is the new Live Audio room option. Users can create live audio rooms where users can discover, listen and join in on live conversations. These rooms can be created by public figures or used in groups where admins can control who can join in on the conversation.

Users Will Have More Control Over The Content They See

The recent whistleblowers that have come out against Facebook cited the ability to toggle the algorithm “on” or “off” as a potential resolution to the onslaught of criticisms and issues Facebook is experiencing. Though they have tried this before, many think that it will return for good and be easier for consumers to locate and use.

This will give users more autonomy over the type of content they see on their feed and (hopefully) will help control the spread of misinformation on the platform. However, because it is the users responsibility to use this toggle it is likely that only a fraction of active users will actually take advantage of (or be aware of) the option.


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