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3 Unique Search Trends of Grand Rapids Residents

People are continuously searching for the most bizarre topics (guilty). With the way technology is evolving, we are able to check out what people are searching for in different cities around the world. Since Controlled Chaos Media is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was only fitting to share what we are Googling instead of working.

“Breweries Near Me”

Man does Grand Rapids LOVE craft beer. It’s like every time we turn around there is a new brewery opening! Trust me, we are not complaining but try picking up one of those Grand Rapids Brewsader Passports and see how far you can stretch your livers! In order to really impress your friends, you must visit 8 out of the 40+ participating breweries to earn a Beer City Brewsader t-shirt. Now we are not speaking from experience (maybe), but if you tend to be a little forgetful while drinking, you’re in luck! All you need is your smartphone to download your app to start your adventure. Just in the past month, 70% of residents in GR searched for breweries near them. So you have a pretty good chance of finding one since there are over 80+ breweries scattered around the city. With brewery tours and pub cruisers available to anyone, it’s easy to understand why Grand Rapids was labeled Beer City USA.

Art Prize

This happens to be one of the coolest events for residents of Grand Rapids because no matter where you go, you can allow yourself to be emerged in art culture from around the world. Anyone over the age of 18 can display their art in over 160 venues that participate in the festival of Art Prize. The festival lasts for 19 days starting in September and over $500,000 in cash prizes are awarded based on judging. Don’t worry, we will hold off on submitting our masterpieces from Wine & Canvas night so others can have a chance to win. The festival was originally set to be annually but it was switched to biannual in 2018 so make sure you don’t show up on the wrong year! You can also put your wallet away because the event is completely and entirely free. You might need it though when you pop into a brewery to check out some art. The art may be free, but the beer is not. The city of Grand Rapids provides walking maps so you can even enjoy art on foot but don’t worry, you can still view the beauty by car too. Although the untraditional art contest is not solely for the residents of Grand Rapids, it was heavily searched. 40% of residents searched the festival in the past 3 months!

Grand River

Did you know that the Grand River surrounding Grand Rapids is known to be America’s 6th best fishing city in America? Us either, but after seeing 69% of residents searched the Grand River in the past 6 months, we absolutely get it. If you get tired of saying that you are from Beer City USA or Grand Rapids, well then you have the option of saying you are from “River City”. Grand Rapids was developed around the banks of the Grand River, where it was once a set of fast-moving rapids. We won’t turn this into a history lesson for you but people have been changing this river for thousands of years even to this day!

Grand Rapids plans to restore the rapids which will then improve the ecology and allow for more recreational activities for residents of GR. So grab your fishing rod and get out there to catch some of the best steelhead, smallmouth bass, and salmon in the state!

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