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3 Ways To Improve Product Photography

We learn a lot through what we see.

If you want to boost sales, you should take a close look at the product photography you use.

Classy imagery will set the tone for your brand. It highlights the quality and value of your items in just seconds.

While product shoots and creative photography might sound a little intimidating, a few simple product photography tips can help you increase sales, clicks and views online.

Tip #1: Lighting is everything

Filters can only help so much — it’s much easier to darken a photo versus lighten it. If you’re shooting photos indoors, choose a location near a large window to take advantage of natural light. A plain white background and a sweep can take your photos to the next level. If you have a product photo shoot outdoors, it’s best to shoot on an overcast day, either early in the morning or late afternoon.

Tip #2: Invest in a good tripod

Shooting your products from the same angle and place gives your brand consistency. Handheld photos might work when you’re first starting out, but you get a sharper focus with a tripod. It’s much easier to focus on the details of your product when you use a tripod.

Tip #3: Shoot a variety of images

It’s better to get more photos than not enough. You can simulate the in-store experience of holding or trying on a product with enough photos. Product photos on white backgrounds, or with mannequins or models can help sell. Multiple angles, as well as in-context imagery helps the customer understand how they would use the product.

With excellent photos, you earn customer trust. Trust is key to influencing purchases, social sharing and establishing repeat buyers.

If you’re going to sell anything online, your product photography is the behind-the-scenes work that will elevate your product to the next level.

Check out some of the product photography we’ve shot over the years to get some fun ideas!

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