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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Look For In 2022

The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to start thinking about reworking your digital marketing strategy. With the start of a new year, comes the start of new and exciting digital marketing trends in 2022. How can you up your game when it comes to social media marketing and content marketing? The most effective way to reach your target audience is by using a mixture of tried-and-true marketing techniques as well as some newer approaches to marketing.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in 2022, this year may be the right time to start working with a digital marketing agency to utilize their expertise in digital marketing services. Here are five digital marketing trends to look for in 2022.

1. A greater emphasis on video and social media marketing

Video marketing and social media marketing aren’t exactly new, but features like Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, and the popularity of TikTok and YouTube make video content more important than ever! You’ll probably start to notice companies engaging their customers with memorable and shareable video content. There will be varying types of video quality as well. Some videos will look like they've been produced with a high budget, while other videos will be meant to mimic influencer-style content.

2. Hyper-targeted marketing using geofencing

Geofencing is one of the most exciting digital marketing trends in 2022, because it allows you to only show an advertisement to people in a specific geographic area. Using this type of marketing, you’re able to deliver hyper-local offers based on the location of your potential customer or client. For example, Burger King offered a deal on their burgers if the order was placed in their mobile app from a McDonald’s parking lot. Geofencing gives you a lot of power and can help you boost sales in areas where you may be seeing a slump.

3. Increased use of augmented reality

Ever wondered what you would look like in a new pair of glasses, but don’t want to go into the store yet? Warby Parker lets you try on their glasses using augmented reality. IKEA is utilizing the technology too. You can use augmented reality to visualize how the furniture you’re interested in buying would fit with your decor. Augmented reality is a great way to engage customers at the top of the funnel and get them one step closer to actually making a purchase. Especially with eCommerce being so much more prominent following 2020 and the pandemic, these sorts of marketing tools are even more motivating to potential buyers.

4. A ramp-up in content marketing

With more and more competition in pretty much every sector, having a strong content marketing strategy will help set yourself up as an expert in your field. Content marketing also helps boost your SEO, which continues to be important in an increasingly online world. A digital marketing agency will help you improve and then maintain your standing on search engines by curating and posting weekly content, so you can focus on running your business.

5. Giving back to the community

A company’s ethics are also becoming more important as consumers look for brands that speak to their values. Any time you can find ways to market how you give back to the community or local causes is a major win for your business. From Nike signing Colin Kaepernick for ads around social justice to Lyft and Uber announcing that they will pay legal fees for drivers sued in Texas as a result of new abortion laws, companies have a chance to align themselves with causes in ways that boost their public image.

The digital marketing trends in 2022 will continue to push the envelope in order to reach their target demographic. Social media marketing and content marketing can be difficult to stay on top of, so hiring a digital marketing agency to handle that side of your business may be the perfect solution for your growing company. Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of exciting digital marketing services they have to offer to keep on top of those trends.


Need help with your digital marketing? Here at McMillan & Phillips, we have a team of experts to make all your brand growth a reality. Reach out today and let’s start optimizing your brand!

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