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8 Easy Ways to Give Your Content More Personality

Have you been feeling like your website and social media content is a little lackluster? No worries, you might just be stuck in a bit of a rut.

In order to boost brand recognition and engage your audience, you may need to infuse your content with a splash of personality. Adding personality to your content doesn’t make your brand unprofessional, it can actually go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors. Here are eight easy ways to give your content more personality.

1. Feature Your Team

What better way to give your content more personality than showing off the personalities behind your brand? Make profiles about each of the people working to make your business a reality. You can share their picture as well what they do for the company.

Include fun facts if there are any they’d like to share. Is someone doing another project outside of your work that you could plug? Their success is your success. Not to mention, featuring your team is a great way to make everyone feel valued.

2. Be Transparent About How Your Values Inform Your Decisions

Customers like to see how your values correspond with the decisions you’re actively making for the brand. Your customers may even feel like they’re more “in” on the decision making. People like to feel like they’re helping to build the future of beloved brands.

3. Respond To Fans On Social Media

If you’ve built brand recognition, you might find that you have some fans! You can give your brand more personality by actually responding to their comments. Be personable and real. Respond in a way that doesn’t just feel like something from a generic customer sales representative script.

4. Experiment With Voice And Tone In Your Copy

Does your content have to sound like a Puritan from the 1600s wrote it? If not, this is the time for some experimentation! Have fun, get creative, and don’t write like a robot. Infusing your content with voice, helps to build brand personality.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Day-to-Day Content

Is it someone’s birthday on your team? Did someone share a meme that’s just so true about your brand the world should know? Share day-to-day content that features how your team works on a regular basis, and not just on a special occasion.

6. Play With Color

Have you ever asked someone, “What’s your favorite color?” It’s actually not a bad question, because color corresponds to personality. Playing with color in your content won’t just catch people’s attention, it’ll also tell them something about the personality of your brand.

7. Lean Into Visual Content That Inspires You And Your Team

What inspires you as a person? How about the other people on your team? Creating vision boards can help consumers understand your brand. Your inspiration is the heart behind your work. Why not share that with your supporters?

8. Let People In On The Process

By letting people in on the process of creation, consumers can see how your thoughts and ideas progress. Sharing prototypes doesn’t just create hype, it can also create an understanding. Your consumers are smart and the truly invested ones will feel like they know you better if they get a sneak peek into your mind. What if the prototype isn’t perfect? Well, people aren’t perfect. It’s what you do with those imperfections that make personality.

People have more brand loyalty if they feel a personal connection, which is why including more personality into your content can be a great move for your brand. It may take time to craft your brand’s personality. Until then, keep tinkering until you find what engages your audience.

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