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A Guide to Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

The new year isn’t just a great time to double down on personal goals, it provides the perfect opportunity to take a long, hard look at your marketing strategy. Honing your digital marketing strategy allows you to figure out what’s working and what could use improvement to polish the overall look and feel of your brand. If you’re looking to grow and expand, 2022 might be the time to finally hire a digital creative agency to help you develop your digital marketing strategy.

Even if you think you’re handling your social media marketing well, there are always ways to expand your reach. One way to reach a broader audience is by testing out a few experiential marketing techniques. Here's your guide for enhancing your 2022 marketing strategy.

People are asking, what is a digital marketing strategy?

As a digital creative agency, we specialize in developing a digital marketing strategy for each of our clients that’s specific to their needs. A well-planned and executed digital marketing strategy will promote your brand successfully and result in returns on your investment. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy will give your brand a strong and discoverable online presence. A digital creative agency can help you design a website, take photos, build content and design a logo, to list a few. A healthy digital marketing strategy should properly align with your company goals, mission, voice and overall aesthetic.

A big part of any digital marketing strategy is the optimization of your website in an effort to make your site discoverable and rank well within search engine algorithms. This can be done by creating blogs, white papers, or other types of content that your customers may be on the hunt for. Blog topics come from the development of timely and relevant content pillars based upon popular ranking words and phrases that your potential customers are searching for. To optimize your website, a digital creative agency will ensure that blogs link to reputable websites while simultaneously linking back to your website. All of this is designed to boost your online ranking within popular and oft-used search engines. Last, but certainly not least, a successful digital creative agency can assist in managing your social media channels, so that your pages reach current and prospective clients.

People are also asking, what kind of social media marketing should your business consider adding?

Social media marketing is going to be one of the hottest means of marketing your business in 2022. Social media marketing is algorithmic and if you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can actually get in front of specific, targeted demographics. For example, if you’re a company providing massage services, you can run a hyper specific advertisement to 30 year old women with an upcoming birthday in the next month, offering them a special promotion to “treat themselves.” This kind of attention to detail will help boost your online presence and often results in promising returns.

TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z anymore, much to their chagrin. This social media platform is actually an amazing place to post video content to raise brand awareness and make your business approachable to a wider segment of your desired audience. A digital creative agency can help you come up with video content that is on brand resulting in a boost to your company’s visibility.

Finally, people want to know what kind of experiential marketing should your business try?

Due to the pandemic, you’re starting to see a lot of hybrid marketing, which falls under the category of experiential marketing. There are not only live events, but also accompanying virtual components. Forms of experiential marketing include hosting a virtual guest speaker who’s projected at a live event or giving attendees the option of participating in an event virtually when they can’t make it in person.

This kind of experiential marketing isn’t going to go away after 2021. People are finding that having a virtual experience as part of their digital marketing strategy expands their reach, because people who wouldn’t usually be able to attend, for a variety of reasons, are able to show up and interact in new and inventive ways.

Experiential marketing also includes omni-channel experiences where ads “follow” users across different platforms. For example, a digital marketing billboard might reflect an advertisement for a product you’ve looked at earlier in the day by communicating with your cell phone. From interactive Hulu ads to hyper-local display ads, all of this means that potential buyers are getting more exposure to your marketing materials in a much more personalized way. The future of digital marketing has arrived in 2022.

A digital creative agency can give you guidance, build your online presence and maintain the ethos of your brand as part of your personalized digital marketing strategy. Make 2022 the year you master social media marketing or try your hand at experiential marketing for the first time. 2022 is your year to shine!


Need help with your digital marketing? Here at McMillan & Phillips, we have a team of experts to make all your brand growth a reality. Reach out today and let’s start optimizing your brand!

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