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Breaking the Rules and Embracing the "Disruptive Expression" Trend for Your Brand

Disruptive Expression is about breaking the norm. It's about letting go of boundaries and creating photographs that make a statement.

Adobe Stock's new visual trend, Disruptive Expression, lets creatives blur lines to create daring images. Invite photographers and graphic designers to play with emotions and add a touch of drama to what they’re creating.

How to incorporate this trend in your branding

Photo editing apps on your phone make it easy to transform a photo and add a touch of personality. With more than 200 million people on Instagram visiting at least one business profile daily, there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to reach a new audience. If you're scrolling through IG, and you're tired of seeing the same travel or lifestyle photo, add some flair or sparkle to your image with the KiraKira+ app. Use these photo editing apps to mix things up.

Your business brand needs to be authentic, transparent, and original to connect with an audience. Through Disruptive Expression, artists can design and push the envelope to capture a "flash of mood or a moment of inspiration." Businesses can embrace diversity and individuality with compelling photography.

If you want to create your version of this trend, dream up images that capture a mood, and feature elements you usually wouldn't see together, like a head of lettuce covering someone’s face.

Disruptive Expression Examples

An image of a woman blowing bubbles, a close up of a man with rainbow-colored teeth, and a bright red lip with a firecracker inside the mouth, these images are centered around faces. In Disruptive Expression, artists can have fun with textures, shapes, and colors. Check out

Adobe's Disruptive Expression gallery for inspiration.

If you're still not sure how to implement Disruptive Expression into your brand identity, think outside the box.

  • Create designs that distort the way we see things.

  • View faces in a different light by changing the shape, color, and texture.

  • Let your creative team challenge the status quo.

  • Photographers bring the brand story to life and capture the moments that usually go unnoticed by everyone else.

Even better, let us do the work! Our team of trained photographers and Creative Directors know how to elevate your brands photography.

Need to freshen up the content for your brand?

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