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Brilliant Negative Space Logo Designs That Take Brand Identity to the Next Level

Defining your brand is about finding your voice and creating consistency across all platforms. Developing a brand identity starts with a mood board of colors, fonts, photos, and styles to establish branding standards that share the mission of your business.

Part of a marketing strategy includes creating a logo design that customers can connect with and recognize. Negative space logo designs are created using the background of an image to create another image.

Here’s why we’re fans.

What is negative space in art and design?

When we talk about negative space, we're referring to the outline area around the object. In negative space designs, the logo allows you to take two distinguishing features and merge them without harming the core message. For example, different colors can be used to show two images instead of one.

Hidden Messages

Once you know who your ideal audience is, you can start to create a simple, memorable logo that will be the first impression for your business. Have you ever looked at some of your favorite logos and discovered a hidden message?

This infographic shows some of the hidden messages on some of the most famous logos.

Brand Identity: Negative Space

When creating a design for a logo, we're fans of using negative space in brand identity because it can generate more attention for a brand. These sleek designs spark interest for the customer, which helps foster brand loyalty.

For the Modern Mosa logo, our team created a sleek design using negative space to highlight the capital "M" in the brand's name. Our team was hired to build a brand identity for the sustainable Bamboo furniture company from the ground up. We started with narrowing down a name, then we built out the brand's image and messaging, including logo design, fonts, imagery, color pallet, and marketing.

In art and design, negative space can form compelling visuals that have hidden meanings. For example, the FedEx logo has a hidden arrow between the "E" and the "X." Baskin Robbins incorporates the number 31 in the "B" and "R" since the business is known for its 31 flavors. The outerwear brand, Roxy, uses a heart in the logo, and the logo is formed by rotating two Quicksilver logos.


Brand identity is the visible element of your brand. Get creative in your logo designs by adding a hidden message. Negative space logo designs are created using the background of an image to create another image. While logos help define your brand, they also work to build trust with your customers.

Want to breathe new life into a stale brand identity?

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