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Building a Brand Identity: How to Create a Simple, Timeless Logo for your Business

When you think about fashion and activewear brands like Zara, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Nike, these brands have created simple, yet memorable logos that instantly come to mind as soon as you hear the name.

It's one step in the foundation of building a strong brand identity.

A logo helps define your brand, but it doesn't stop there. Logos can communicate status and foster brand loyalty. Logos also help build trust. Strive to create a total experience for the customer. This includes setting the tone, fonts, and colors for your website and content marketing to connect with your ideal audience.

Creating a Logo

Before launching your business, defining your voice is a key step to attracting customers to your brand. Once you know who your ideal audience is, you can start to create a simple, memorable logo that will be the first impression for your business.

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While change is good, timeless, and versatile logos stand the test of time. Explore the evolution of these brand logos for inspiration to help you create your logo.

Calvin Klein

While keeping to tradition, Calvin Klein upgraded to all caps in 2017. Confidence makes a great logo, and sometimes a simple tweak to the design can provide a new look while still sticking to what works. The brand uses black, white, and gray; colors that symbolize purity, elegance, perseverance, and grace.


Customers crave consistency. Ever since the company started its work, Adidas' has used the black logo on a white background. Designers adjust the color of the symbol to match the latest styles of track pants or activewear. The logo design has remained consistent and authentic to the brand since the 1950s.


What started as a Seattle-based shoe store in 1901, Nordstrom was created on the foundation that success comes by offering customers the best service, quality, and value. Over time, there haven't been many updates to this logo. The classic combination of black and white creates timeless elegance for the brand.

While businesses come and go, customers will always remember a logo they trust. Whether you're looking for multi-layered designs or vintage styles that stand out, remember to be bold, and keep it simple.

We can help give your brand the personality it deserves.

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