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Defining a Voice for Your Clothing Company

So you launched a business - but did you really? Have you defined your look, your aesthetic, your logo, your message? Yes? Then fantastic! You're farther off than a lot of companies who mistake selling a product or a service as launching a business. But how about your companies voice? Have you defined that yet? That piece of the puzzle seems to get left out because it's possibly one of the harder items to capture. Those who do not put in efforts to design campaigns that support their brand voice often end up failing.

We often see this in the retail and clothing space. Companies don't fully complete their brand identity because they focus on selling their merchandise but it's important to define your voice in order to attract the right audience. You could have amazing cashmere sweaters but if your voice is that of a 12-year-old-boy selling faux Nikes on the school yard then you're not going to attract the right audience. A clothing brand requires more than just exquisite apparel designs to make a lasting impact.

If you own a clothing company you need to establish a brand voice that is consistent, distinctive, memorable, and strong.

Your Voice Stands for Your Brand

The images, topics, language you choose to express, represents what you stand for. So start making an impact, be bold, and assert yourself into the marketplace you want to be in - it's not going to come to you. You need to provide potential customers with a deep understanding of your goals, agenda and what you stand with.

Brand Voice Reinforces Brand’s Belief

Your clothing brand isn't just about selling clothes it's about selling a lifestyle. Help your your customers understand this.

Key Takeaway

To crown it all, having a distinctive brand voice is essential for your retail company to connect to your customers and build a strong brand identity making your business memorable and unique.

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