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Digital Marketing Agency VS Digital Creative Agency: What’s The Difference?

Not to sound too much like a grandpa, but the Internet really has made the world a smaller place. The ability to communicate with people across the world with just a few clicks has brought families together and helped friends stay in touch across the globe.

This easy access to people everywhere is both a phenomenal business opportunity and also means it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Marketing your business is more competitive than ever, because of the Digital Age. Grandpa might still recommend putting an advert in the paper, but that’s not going to get you very far.

It’s no secret that the most successful way to reach the most people is through online platforms, like social media, email campaigns and by boosting your Google ranking. The best way to stay at the forefront of your industry is to go through a digital agency that can help you reach your target audience.

The big question is, should you go with a digital creative agency or a digital marketing agency?

Before you make that decision, it’s important to know what’s the difference between the two types of agencies and which type can help you see the greatest returns. Here’s what you should know about working with a digital creative agency vs. a digital marketing agency.

How are digital marketing agencies and digital creative agencies similar?

Before getting into how they’re different, you should understand the services that these agencies offer. Ultimately, the goal of both types of agencies is to help you grow your business. So, if you’re looking to take your business to new heights—which, of course you are—hiring one of these two types of agencies for their expertise will go a long way.

When these types of agencies were first developed, there was a bigger differentiation in services. Digital marketing agencies handled more of the content and logistics, while digital creative agencies handled the visual brand. Nowadays, that isn’t the case. You can get the same services at both if you’re working with well rounded agencies.

  • Metrics on SEM

  • SEO research and execution

  • Content creation

  • Social media marketing

  • Brand development

  • Online lead generation

  • Website design and development

  • Video and email marketing

  • Logo design

  • Color scheme creation

  • Copywriting

  • Infographics

are a few of the services you can expect from a digital agency. Now that you understand what both agencies can do for you, it’s time to take a deep dive into how they’re different.

What’s the difference between digital marketing agencies and digital creative agencies?

The difference between digital marketing agencies and digital creative agencies is primarily in how the agency determines marketing strategy. Read up to determine which type of agency will be best for your business.

Digital marketing agencies

At a digital marketing agency, all of their decisions will be based off of metrics and quantitative research. Your website and content will be built solely around SEM and SEO research. Design will be determined by branding metrics—what other companies have found popular.

You’ll get a very tried and true approach while working with a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing agency is great for businesses already working in tech, because this approach appeals to the technically minded.

Digital creative agencies

Data and metrics are extremely important in building a business, but there’s more to marketing than just crunching numbers. A digital creative agency combines the technical and human aspects to make a more well-rounded marketing approach. By taking into consideration quantitative and qualitative data, you can really appeal to people, instead of just the digital residue of people. Digital creative agencies give you the best of both worlds—cue Hannah Montana theme song.

If something isn’t working in a strategy, a digital creative agency is going to look at the metrics and then run a focus group to troubleshoot for the rebrand. A digital creative agency is just that—creative!

Creativity can take you much farther than just knowing which colors increase click through rates, and should ultimately engage more of the target audience and result in a happier client. If you’re working with clients who really need a human element, like an in-home care business, a gym, a fashion brand, or a restaurant, a digital creative agency is the way to go.

Which Digital Agency?

Although the services might look the same on paper, the way the types of agencies work to reach clients is very different. Pick what works best for you. If a strictly quantitative approach will get you where you want to go, that’s great!

If you want an agency that looks at the metrics, but knows that numbers can’t give you the full scope of your marketing campaign, then choose to work with an experienced digital creative agency.

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