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Edit Like a Pro: The Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone

When you're a small business owner or creative, it's not unusual to wear many hats. You're pretty much in charge of branding, marketing, and creating content that sells unless you've hired a team to help you nail it. Even then, you'll want to create a cohesive look to establish your brand's visual message. Not sure where to start? We've gotcha covered!

Use these easy to follow tips to help you edit like a pro. Here's a roundup of the best photo editing apps for your phone to help take your business to the next level.


VSCO is one of the easiest apps to use out there. The free plan gives you ten presets to elevate the look of your photos. A $19.99 yearly membership opens up access to the entire VSCO presets library and access to video editing. Editing a photo is as easy as uploading your photo, selecting a filter, and saving it to your phone. Boom! All done.


With 29 tools and filters that let you do anything from removing a random from that group pic or adjusting the colors, so your photo looks more natural, Snapseed lets you edit with precise control. Tune the image by adjusting exposure and color. Crop, rotate and retouch brightness and warmth. It's everything you're looking for all rolled into one app.

A Color Story

If you're not after the same look for every photo, A Color Story lets you enhance the color you choose in your composition. With more than 400+ filters, this app lets you fine-tune your editing with more than 20 tools to get the image just right. Keep adding filters to the same photo and adjust the mood as you go. Save, post on social, repeat.


This simple and easy to use app makes edits on your phone a breeze. Tap the photo you want to edit, and start applying presets. With the free setting, you can adjust the settings and change the texture and clarity to suit your style. Upgrade to premium to unlock features like selective adjustments and healing. If you're not sure where to start, spend some time browsing through the tutorials to discover the different effects that match your vibe.

Photoshop Express

This app lets you tap into your creativity and create your perfect picture with free photo effects like Black and White, Portrait, and Nature. Use a slider to play around with the color temperature, and vibrancy. As a bonus, you can apply the Style Transfer feature to apply the same look to all your photos to keep your brand cohesive. We also love Photoshop Express' Spot healing feature, which allows you to reduce any spots or remove people from your pictures A-S-A-P!


If all you're looking for is a little sparkle, then Kirakira will do just that. Upload your photo and add a glittering and dazzling effect. The beauty of this app is that you can turn up the sparkle if you’re feeling extra, or tone it down for a more subtle glow. You can also transform your photos into still videos. Try it o

Keep in mind that while everyone might have a camera at the ready these days, not all photographers are created equal. That's why you're brand needs high-quality lifestyle photography to stand out. Contact us to schedule your photoshoot now!

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