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Fashion Photography Explained: Understanding the Different Styles

In the world of fashion photography, many elements make up a captivating photo. When it comes to luxury fashion brands, every detail counts. From the styling to lighting, creatives consider every aspect of an image to impress clients. But when you think about the different types of fashion photography, it's easy to see that these images go beyond luxury campaigns.

Here's a look at the four types of fashion photography for your content marketing.

1. Editorial

Think glamourous, luxurious, and celebrities/supermodels on the cover of your favorite magazines. With editorial photography, creatives are tasked with executing flawless images for each campaign. One of the first things to consider with this type of fashion photography is the mood you want to create with the shoot. For BARE Magazine, our team pushed the boundaries to create an award-winning concept using editorial photography. Our work received a Hermes Creative Award in the print media category.

2. Street Photography

From Instagram to personal portfolios, street fashion is all about showcasing a style that people like to wear every day. It's more rugged fashion, inspired by different cultures, and photographers generally capture people in their element as opposed to models posing in editorial spreads. Street photography goes beyond pointing your lens at someone on the street or posing for a photo on the road. It's about spontaneity and knowing what makes a good story.

3. E-Commerce

When shopping online, photos help influence our decisions. E-Commerce photography helps clients get a better idea of the fit, quality, and style of a product. A white or light backdrop is generally used for this style of photography because it helps the products stand out. Learn how to edit your photos to make clothing or products pop and give people a reason to stop scrolling.

4. Commercial

Commercial photography includes a wide range of niches, including fashion, product, and food photography. It involves taking pictures to sell a product, service, or experience. You'll find these images in catalogs, websites, product packaging, magazines, and more.


Every shoot tells a story, and the key to nailing it is to be extremely clear on your client's needs. Be specific, ask questions, and keep in mind deadlines, budget, and any time you'll need for location scouting.

See how fashion photography can elevate the look of your business. Contact us today.

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