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How Photography Sells Houses, Not Realtors

Great real estate photography is a tease.

Interest is piqued when potential buyers can peek inside a house.

It satisfies curiosity.

It gets the wheels spinning in the viewer’s head, as they wonder and imagine if they could picture themselves living at or staying in this house.

Ultimately you want potential buyers to lick their chops and want more because that leads to inquiries, calls, walk-throughs and eventually a closing sale.

Why professional Airbnb and housing photography is sexy

Once upon a time, Airbnb realized that amateur photos were killing their rental income.

So, the Airbnb founders flew to New York (their most successful city at the time), rented cameras, and met with their top hosts to reshoot new pictures of their best listings.

I bet you can already guess what happened.

Their monthly income doubled instantly.

Professional imagery is one of the most important aspects to sell anything online, including real estate photography and Airbnb listing photography.

Listings with beautiful photos receive more interest, which leads to more bookings and more money for you and Airbnb.

What you get with professional real estate photography

If you use a professional, you automatically jump up a level in the skill of the photographer. Techniques like shooting angles, minimizing distortion and finding the right balance of the frame are foreign to a beginner.

A professional has higher quality lenses, flashes and lights as well as editing tools.

You won’t regret hiring a professional real estate photographer.

Your listing will sell faster, with less work for you.

To see more of our photography LOOK here.

To contact us for pricing reach out here! Don't be scared we email back in less than 2 hours.

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