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How Quality Photography Gains Social Followers

“Everybody think they're famous when they get 100,000 followers on Instagram and 5,000 on Twitter.”- Meek Mill The greatest tool in a modern business’ Batman-level toolbelt is social media. It offers companies the platform to not only drive revenue but create a cult following. One example of this social potential is the Slim Jim brand’s Instagram profile. The company turned their business profile into a meme-filled page dedicated to their “Long Boi Gang”. Agree or disagree on the quality of the content, but there is no denying that the brand has managed to cultivate a loyal, passionate, and very active band of followers to their meat sticks. Through social media. By posting memes. Social Media Is Meant To Be Social The biggest mistake we see brands make on their social media platforms is when they post ads, deals, or exclusive promotions. Conventional ads, like print ads, blend into the news feed too easily. If you’re running a brand and have a profile, it’s important to interact like a normal personal profile. Like, comment, interact with #nationaldonutday, participate in the latest dance competition - it doesn’t matter. The key to utilizing a free platform to gain loyal followers, is to participate in the chaos that is social media. Memes Only Get You So Far

There is a lot of repurposed content on social media, and who doesn’t love a good meme - including us! However, there is no better way to quickly raise your following than high quality lifestyle photography.

The most followed genre of “branded” Instagram isn’t meme posters - it’s travel lifestyle accounts.

There is a whole mess of people looking to social media as guidance for the lifestyle, clothing, product designs. They want to emulate their life like the high quality photos that flash across their screen. On top of that, a cohesive blend of colors, filters and vibe can speak directly to your customers on a deeper level than products or sales - and they’re willing to spend of the lifestyle. See some of our examples of lifestyle branding options.

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