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How To Create Compelling Content That Sells

If it seems like everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you something; it's because they are. Whether it's through an email blast, a blog post, or a podcast, there are many ways to hook your audience and convert them into paying customers. Don't waste your time investing in any of those cookie-cutter courses or methods that promise to be the holy grail to make your business a success. The truth is, you should stick to a unique plan that works for your business. We believe it starts with finding your voice and knowing your brand, being transparent, and showing results.

Once you choose a platform that you feel comfortable with, one of the main goals should be creating quality content that informs, motivates, and sells. Follow these tips to get started!


If your business doesn’t have a mission statement, what are you waiting for? Know your core values and establish one ASAP! Whether it's a blog, Facebook ad, IG post, or anything that features your brand, always make sure you are staying true to what sets your business apart. You want customers to be able to identify with your brand and trust that their interests align with your company's values. Before publishing any written content or images, ask yourself, would I buy this? Does this genuinely represent our message?


If you've been creating content for a while, you probably already know what moves your audience. If you don't, turn to the data. See what posts get customers talking, learn what they're sharing, and where they're spending most of their time. Chances are, they'll connect with your business when you show them the real you. Be honest about hurdles you've overcome or challenges you've faced. Nobody wants to only hear about your wins, because that’s no fun. Show them moments where you learned a lesson so they can relate to your business. Create value for your consumers so they'll turn to you for insight and information.


What better way to create content for your customers than to let the actual people making purchases do the talking. Find out why they turned to your business, how your product helped meet their needs, and what makes them happy about their purchase. Ask for testimonials or offer an incentive for some feedback. Whatever method you chose, get them talking, and posting about your business online!

Creating content that sells takes time, but if you establish a consistent flow, you'll find a rhythm that will get you results. You’ve got this!

We want to see your business grow, learn more about our branding and design portfolio here.

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