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Manipulating The Masses Podcast: The Power Of Storytelling & Elizabeth Holmes

What’s the old adage? When a story sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Or some version of that anyway. This week’s episode is about the power of storytelling and the ingredients required to bring a story from cocktail hour fodder to million dollar investment boardroom trickery.

In the case of Elizabeth Holmes one might argue that her secret ingredient was hope followed closely by the promise of power. Holmes’ health technology company Theranos was once ubiquitous. You couldn’t tune into the news without hearing about the company’s fruitful and promising future. Now it’s known as a tragic tale of how a really great story can turn even the most brilliant of people into poor puppets with no one to blame but themselves.

In this week’s Manipulating The Masses podcast we unpack the power of storytelling for both good and evil.

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