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Say Goodbye to Boring! 3 Simple-to-Implement Ways to Give Your Brand The Personality it Deserves

People relate to brands with personality. You want to create an experience they'll remember. So you can connect with your customers while attracting new ones. If you're not seeing results, it might be because your personality isn't shining through.

Whether it's a blog post, social media content, or monthly newsletter, inject your personality into content marketing to get people to stop scrolling. Use these tips to get ideas for creating a successful content marketing strategy.

What is your Brand Personality?

Defining your brand is about finding your voice and creating consistency across all platforms. Create a mood board of colors and styles that appeal to you so you can begin to implement your branding standards. When it came to the first issue of BARE Magazine, we started first and foremost with the style guides. We defined the branding, designed the logo and provided a mission statement. With all of these parts BARE was able to establish an identity & personality before we even began on the magazine.

Whether you want to create a vintage aesthetic or an ultra-modern look, your identity should feel unique.

It should feel like you.

Not sure where to start? Let us help.

  • Use Storytelling to Connect with your Ideal Audience

Everyone loves a good story. And a good story can help your business go from bland and boring to something people won't forget. If writing isn't your strong suit, check out these tools to improve your skills. You can also use Instagram stories, or infographics to create compelling stories about your brand.

  • Commit to Your Strategy

It's no secret that you have to be consistent to get the results you want. While rebranding can help breath new life into your business, you don't want to confuse your ideal customers with too many changes. Consistency is key. Stick to a strategy and watch what happens. Write down everything you do and how you do it to help speed up the process when you bring on a new hire. Everyone on your team should be clear on what your brand's beliefs are and how you communicate with your audience.

  • Learn From the Feedback

Use newsletters and the comments section to gain feedback from your customers. Ask questions about what they'd like to see and what aspect of your brand they are connecting with. Remember, we’re all friends here. Keep it light. Get comfortable reaching out so you can learn from the feedback.

How to “Find Your Brand Personality” Recap:

  1. Find your voice and establish your brand's look.

  2. Share good stories to make your brand stand out from the rest.

  3. Create consistency across all platforms.

  4. Feel comfortable reaching out to your audience to learn what you can improve.

  5. Be you. Be relatable.

If you're starting a business and feeling a bit overwhelmed, we get it. Let us take some of those worries off your plate.

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