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The Need for More Female Creatives on Your Team to Create More Business Opportunities for your Brand

If you want to create an authentic message for your brand, then why not turn to creatives who know and understand the demographics.

When outdoor and action sports brands say they want to empower and create a brand identity geared toward championing women, why not turn to female creatives to tell those stories? Female creatives can reflect the real experiences for brands instead of a stereotype, which can build trust with female consumers.

There is a lot of room for growth on the creative side. Only 16% of creative directors are women according to data collected by Creative Equals, and 12% are thinking of leaving the industry within the next two years.

Radha Davies, UK Brand Development Director at Virgin, believes that having diversity in the room ensures there is diversity in the work. She says, "I never go for an agency which turns up with no women in the room."

Companies can make real change happen by investing in training programs to actively promote women into leadership roles, hire based on potential and create diverse teams (that include women creatives) to lead outdoor and action sports marketing and branding campaigns.

Use these ideas to build a more authentic and diverse creative team.

Hire Based on Potential

Keep an open mind when hiring creatives. Look out for their strengths and how they can contribute to the team. Focus on finding the right talent who will help you best represent your company's voice and brand.

Create Diverse Teams

Chances are, you'll work with different clients who have different needs. Let people know that diversity is part of your brand values and hire a creative team that represents that.

Create a Community

Take a look at your creative team; are you actively promoting women in leadership roles? Are there female creatives who can serve as role models for others on the team? Invest in creating a community and a supportive work environment for creatives on your team to flourish.

If you lack diversity in senior creative roles, then the views of certain groups aren't accurately represented. By including a diverse group of creatives on your team, brands can create more opportunities to reach new audiences.

Do you have a marketing plan for your brand?

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