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The Part of SuperBowl LV That We Really Care About

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Mental health, autism, youth, military and social justice are a handful of the causes supported by NFL players during cleat week (week 13) of the regular season. The players show their support by shredding the turf in cleats that have been custom designed by local artists. It’s one of the very few times during the season when players can wear a cleat of their choosing. Disobeying the NFL’s strict cleat regulations generally ends with the slap of a hefty fine.

While cleat week has long since passed the causes NFL players support haven’t. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the local artists who designed and created cleats for this year’s Super Bowl LV contenders. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head this Sunday in one of the most unique and challenging games the NFL has ever seen, thanks to a global pandemic.

The Artists

John Sebelius

IG: @johnsebelius


Sebelius is a Kansas-based interdisciplinary artist well known for his murals, political paintings and community involvement. Sebelius collaborated with Kansas City Chief’s QB Patrick Mahomes during cleat week in support of Team Luk3 Home For Minds — a Texas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to “enriching the lives of children with a brain injury.”

This wasn’t Sebelius’ first time using his art to bring awareness to a great cause. In 2016 Sebelius spearheaded an art program for veterans called Artistic Expressions Healing Arts Initiative. The program aims to support those living with military-related trauma.

Sebelius has also worked with Nicky Allegretti, Emmanual Ogbah and Juan Thornhill of the Kansas City Chiefs who had their cleats designed in support of the rare disease community, cancer survivors and suicide prevention, respectively.

Patrick Mahomes pictured above with the cleats.

Photo courtesy of @johnseblius.

Chris Rogers

IG: @chrisrogersart


Austin-based muralist Chris Rogers was approached by Buccaneer’s running back Ronald Jones when it was time to plan out Jone’s cleats for the 2020 season. Jones knew that his cleats needed to accurately represent and honor the victims of police violence. The Buc’s RB also knew that he wanted to collaborate with a black Austin-based artist. Jones is a longtime activist supporting Mothers Against Police Brutality.

Chris Rogers is more than just an artist. He’s an activist. You’ll find his murals, dedicated to raising awareness around social injustice, around the city of Austin, Texas.

Rogers designed “The Rojo Wakanda Beast Masters” for Jones emblazoned with “Say Their Names” and a list of names of those who’ve been killed at the hands of police violence and brutality.

Chris Rogers pictured above with the cleats he designed.

Photo courtesy of @chrisrogersart

Check out these #mycausemycleats artists

Eric Dorsey II

IG: @illustrativecre8ions


Dorsey II has labeled himself the “King of Cleats” and it’s a fitting moniker. Dorsey considers himself an Eagles fan but he has spent quite a few hours putting paint to cleat for Tampa Bay Buccaneers players.

Jason Hulfish

IG: @grandthemingstudios


Hulfish is a Tampa-based artist who works within a large array of mediums. Outside of cleat week Hulfish’s advocacy work includes partnering with Smile Train and IMPACT foundation.

Marcus Rivero

IG: @solesbysir


Rivero has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the NFL. Hailing from Miami Rivero is a huge Dolphin’s fan but that hasn’t stopped him from creating some incredible cleat week collabs with Buccaneers players.

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