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What's your brand story? Simple tips to help you define your brand's purpose.

Defining your brand's purpose should be one of the first things you think about when launching a business. It helps determine who you are, what you do, and why people should buy your product or service. Your brand's purpose should answer the question: Why do you exist?

While creating a logo and content strategy are important aspects of branding, our approach goes beyond that. We help clients establish their voice so they can define:

  • What do you stand for?

  • What message do you want to send?

  • Who's your audience?

Vision: The Why?

A well-defined brand can help your business stand out. It helps establish a connection with your customers, which can lead to brand loyalty.

Mission: What's your purpose?

One of the best ways to answer this question is to have a clear, concise mission statement that represents who you are. You don't need to write a lengthy About Me page. Keep it simple and focus on sharing your purpose in a way that's easy for people to understand.

Values: Establishes a clear sense of purpose for your brand.

You can use your brand values to guide your choices and goals. This will help customers get to know you better and give them a reason to connect with your brand.

How to share your brand values

Once you've defined your brand's purpose, build a strong brand strategy to ensure your content aligns with your goals. Creating content should be at the core of your marketing strategy to help drive organic traffic to your website. Let's review two easy ways to get actional results.

1. Website

First impressions count, and you should think of your website as a top resource for your business. Include your brand's story, purpose, mission, and values so that customers can connect with your product or service. Optimize your site and remove any clutter or distractions that no longer align with your brand identity.


For our client, Datum Tech Solutions, we created a fresh rebrand, website, and content strategy for the industry leaders in BIM technology. We created a clean, easy to navigate site for this Seattle-based company that helps clients find the tools they need for their building projects.

We built a brand identity for Modern Mosa, a sustainable Bamboo furniture company. We designed the website, which includes a concise mission statement that defines what the business is about on the front page.

2. Compelling Content

Content Marketing is about creating authentic, valuable content that gets people to stop scrolling. Find ways to solve your client's problems through compelling storytelling. Gain loyal customers by becoming their go-to source for information.


You can't control what people think about your business, but you can define your brand's values to give them an accurate representation of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Use content marketing to create a connection with clients. Optimize your website and use simple language to share your vision, mission, and values with existing and new clients.

Not sure where to start? We help you define your voice and build an identity beyond just a logo. Contact us today.

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