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Why Your Brand Needs High-Quality Lifestyle Photography to Stand Out

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.” - Paul Strand While everyone might have a camera at the ready these days, not all photographers are created equal. If you want to expand your reach and build lasting engagements with followers, you need the trained eye of a quality lifestyle photographer on your social media platforms. Photographers bring the brand story to life and capture the moments that usually go unnoticed by everyone else. Strive to produce images that display colors, textures, and the function of the product while sculpting “life” around it.

Develop Your Story Through Food Having your product in the right place at the right time to produce an experience that reels the audience in is pretty tricky. Sprouts Farmers Market routinely pulls this off well. Notice how they slip the product into the background but it’s not front and center? The approach tells a story from the start (the product you can buy at their store) to the end result (a decadent dessert we will definitely be trying), all in one well-constructed shot. Here's an example from our own portfolio:

Use Your Surroundings to Paint a Picture Another brand that showcases the importance of high-quality, approachable photography is Teva. Every shot captures an adventure, a story, and possibility without having to say a thing. Teva’s brand is about exploring and living in the moment, so what better canvas to paint on than nature itself? The photographers paint the sandals as vessels that carry you on your journey into the unknown, bringing impossible dreams to life, and facilitating lasting memories. We shot with the brand Danner a while back and came up and collaborated to make these shots:

Highlight Daily Elements Inspiration and motivation are staged into every picture, inviting your audience to build their own story. The quality photographers at Design Within Reach weave design, structure, and landscapes into a single shot, letting the elements take centerstage. This expert-level care, thought, and attention allows the light, shadows, lines, and curves to capture your audience. Without the experienced eyes and foresights of a professional photographer, these images wouldn’t have the depth needed to showcase in one picture the engagement behind the design.

Companies depend on designers to innovate, managers to lead, and sales to bring in the money. So why wouldn’t you want a trained and experienced creator behind the lense? Showcasing the function behind a product and how it fits into the lifestyle of the target audience, and we can help. Contact M&P today.

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