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3 LinkedIn Platform Predictions In 2022

linkedin marketing predictions

Thought by many as the professional social networking site, LinkedIn will be celebrating its twentieth birthday this year. Anyone feeling old? Overflowing with over 55 million registered companies and 740 million members, give or take, the platform is a must for professionals and B2B businesses looking to hook new clients. According to the Pew Research Center report on social media use in 2021, LinkedIn use is on the rise. In fact, 20% of American adults report using LinkedIn regularly. How will the platform evolve over the course of 2022? Let’s dig into a few of our team’s thoughts on the platform as we know it and highlight a few of our predictions.

LinkedIn Recruitment Will Catalyze An Increase In Ad Revenue

Last year LinkedIn saw ad revenue increase by 42% as more businesses turned to the platform for recruitment and new careers. Earlier this year LinkedIn experimented with a live streaming feature that many believe is just the beginning of their venture into video options. There is speculation that in 2022 the company will expand its video options and provide resources for interviewing and training candidates for open positions at their companies.

The company has also rolled out new options for business pages that allow companies to designate directly on their profiles whether they offer remote, hybrid or on-site working options.

linkedin digital streaming

Digital Events Will Continue To Stream

The pandemic caused many events originally planned for in-person attendance to be canceled or hosted using live streaming options. LinkedIn plans to continue to capitalize on this by providing options to host fully virtual events and hybrid options that can be used in conjunction with an in-person event. This will allow companies to host events at a lower cost and extend their reach to a wider audience from all over the globe. Expect event features and notifications to become a more prominent part of the networking site in 2022.

LinkedIn Will Emphasize Video Content

In 2020 LinkedIn released a LinkedIn Stories option which has since been retired. In the announcement they made about retiring the feature they stated that they had recently acquired Jumprope, a platform where users could create, discover and share how-to videos and tutorials. Ultimately LinkedIn decided to sunset the platform in the Summer of 2021. The acquisition however implies that LinkedIn users should expect an improved video experience on the platform soon. This in conjunction with the increased focus on LinkedIn Live features will make video an integral part of the platform.


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