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How Content Marketing Helped Social CBD Build Organic Authority

CBD has taken the market by storm as a way to help people center themselves, recover faster from workouts and even provide support to pets with arthritis.

The market is booming with CBD products, so it can be difficult to promote a CBD business online amongst all the competition. That’s why Social CBD partnered with McMillan & Phillips to spearhead their CBD digital marketing campaigns.

Our digital creative agency has helped Social CBD gain organic authority online through an optimized and strategic content marketing approach. Through our CBD digital marketing, we were able to boost Social CBD’s online presence, resulting in better website ranking, traffic, visibility and sales. Here’s how content marketing helped Social CBD build organic authority.

Introducing Social CBD

To give you some context, it’s important that you understand what makes Social CBD tick. Social CBD stands out from other CBD companies, because all of their products are third party tested to ensure that each product is of the highest quality and doesn’t contain any THC.

This ensures that their products aren’t psychoactive. By law, all CBD products are required to contain less than 0.3% THC, and Social CBD goes above and beyond by ensuring that their product contains 0.0% THC.

Social CBD is for people who want to reap the benefits of CBD isolate or distillate, and aren’t interested in the psychoactive effects of other hemp products. Social CBD is a much more approachable brand that’s honest and transparent about their quality control. They provide consumers with a wide range of CBD products including:

  • CBD drops

  • CBD gummies

  • CBD topicals and lotions

  • CBD gel capsules

  • CBD for pets

Social CBD’s products come in a variety of scents—like lavender—and flavors—like blackberry mint and bacon CBD for pets—to ensure that consumers have a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Social CBD products outside of the positive physical effects of CBD.

What’s The Purpose Of Content Marketing for CBD?

The purpose of content marketing is to attract your target audience and boost your web presence organically.

In other words, your content and strategy will be so solid that you won’t need to buy yourself online followers posing as real consumers. The content should be engaging and specific to your target audience. A solid content marketing strategy should do the following:

  • Increase revenue

  • Increase ROI

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Attract prospective customers

  • Build relationships

  • Tell your brand’s story

What Kind Of Content Marketing Can You Expect From A Creative Agency?

A creative marketing agency offers you a lot in the way of content marketing. The services you can expect are:

Data driven SEO and SEM research

Through a targeted brand strategy, your content marketing team can really help you grow your business and brand.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

There are so many benefits to introducing content marketing into your business plan. Content marketing should do the following:

  • Build authority on a topic (boost SEO)

  • Improve organic traffic

  • Offer shareable and engaging content

  • Educate buyers on your product/services

  • Increase monthly content views

  • Increase revenue

  • Increase web leads

Investing in a content marketing team is one of the best moves you can make for your business if you want to see real growth over time.

How Can Content Marketing Help Your CBD Business?

Social CBD’s organic search presence grew quickly by 52% directly through additional content created on the website.

CBD is an industry full of questions, and most customers will search questions before purchasing a product. So, content marketing is a perfect fit to answer customer questions and build brand trust prior to any purchase.

Once M&P integrated products directly into blog pages, revenue from blogs increased 723% over two months.

M&P grew Social CBD’s business through creative content marketing, and we can do the same for your brand. For more information on how we can help organically boost your web presence, set up a free consultation with M&P.

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