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The M&P Equation: Data-driven design.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

One Part McMillan:

Kaitlin McMillan began McMillan Creative in 2019 after her role as the Creative Producer for a Seattle-based cannabis startup didn’t prove to be as fruitful as she’d hoped. Frustrated at the lack of creative positions available and having come around to the realization that her “dream-job” only existed in Hollywood movies and young-adult novels she took the metaphoric bull-by-the-horns mentality and launched a creative agency. She hasn’t looked back.

In the two years McMillan Creative has been in business, McMillan has successfully directed and launched eight brands from start to finish, participated in hundreds of commercial photography jobs and launched an award winning magazine, BARE Magazine. Her creative drive is only a small portion of the equation that has led to the success of McMillan Creative. It’s also her drive to reveal what’s behind the curtain that makes the brands she leads stand out.

McMillan believes that a well-designed brand is more than product offerings. A good brand should represent a lifestyle. A brand that can stand the test of time should showcase core values, beliefs and goals. A good brand will put its stamp on the world. Kaitlin’s quest is simple: to make the branding process less intimidating for businesses and consumers alike.

McMillan Creative has served as a catalyst for breathing new life into dozens of brands. While Kaitlin oversaw the creative direction of her client’s vision, she relied on one critical partnership to help drive and measure the success of each brand. Enter the second ingredient of M&P, Zach Phillips.

One Part Phillips:

Zach Phillips founded Controlled Chaos in 2017 after a long stint as a freelancer for a variety of companies. Through his determination to utilize marketing data to bring his clients actionable business insights, Phillips built a robust list of clients in the tech, cannabis, retail, assisted living and e-commerce arenas.

His eagerness to start his own agency began with a desire to give businesses, large and small, actionable insights that went beyond basic metric reporting. That’s exactly what you’ll find at M&P — robust and insightful solutions backed by data and powered by content experts.

After three years of running his own agency, Phillips has built a reputation as a straightforward and honest data nerd with a passion for building content that delivers. He has come to rely on his intimate understanding client needs and goals through transparent communication strategies.

Controlled Chaos spearheaded a partnership with McMillan Creative in an effort to bridge McMillan’s creative eye for detail with his understanding of data. The result has been an enhanced design process that puts the needs of businesses and the end user at the forefront of everything they do.

Controlled Chaos built a reputation for providing unfiltered marketing metrics and business insights that help companies of all sizes grow and thrive in an ever-evolving digital environment. The partnership betweenMcMillan Creative and Controlled Chaos has resulted in a new and improved agency that provides in-depth reporting and analyses with impeccable design. Enter M&P — a creative ad agency built with innovation and brand identity in mind.

Welcome to the next generation of creative agencies. M&P believes in transparency and communication when working with our clients. Our behind-the-curtain policy shows our staff is relatable and trustworthy. We’re a company rooted in both creative strategy and analytical performance. Let us build you a limitless creative strategy that delivers time and time again.

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